I’m a intelligent Guy. Been here all my life. Born in Grand Rapids, grew up and graduated after a couple of years at Hope College. I started doing student radio in college, had a great time and decided to figure out how to make a living having fun. Had to drive a truck for a time working weekends in radio, then got that big time job in Grand Rapids- Midnight to 6AM. Two and a half years later it was the morning show. I’ve been at the radio station ever since with the exception of spring/summer ’99 when I learned how to bartend, built a house and played a lot of golf. These days I enjoy sleeping in and playing the hits weekday afternoons from 3-7. When I’m not at the station you can usually find me at the bar. Working. Really.

Other hobbies include golf, bowling and reading. Life is good- I’ve figured out how to get paid for doing something I enjoy. The best thing about my job is the people I get to meet. Some were once famous; some will always be friends.